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THE WEBSTER ROCKWHEEL- The latest range of excavator attachments to be developed for use in mining, tunnelling and construction industries

Webster's have over 30 years experience in the design and installation of hydraulic cutting units for use in tunneling, mining and construction.

The Webster ROCKWHEEL series of excavator-mounted cutters is the latest range to be developed for these industries.

Benefits - Environmentally friendly product:
- Low noise and vibration levels
- Extremely accurate cut
- High excavation output

Standard Range - Up to 25 tonne excavators:
- Higher specifications - more power and greater force
- No drain line

Bespoke Design - Can be offered to suit customers' requirements
- Up to 500kW
- Dust suppression system
- Cutting depth control
- Selection of drum types

Available for purchase or rental.

Other common applications are:

  • Shaft sinking
  • Mining
  • Building Renovation
  • Underwater
  • Tunnelling
  • Roadwork
  • Demolition
  • Concrete Refurbishing
  • Frozen Ground
  • Tree Stumps


All parts are available through Webster Equipment Limited.

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HYDRARAM Hydraulic Hammer SG


Maxium power and performance

minimum investment and maintenanance

Hydraram Hydraulic Hammer Malta

Years of field experience of users in combination with the drive of our engineers have resulted in the development of the latest powerful SG series hydraulic breakers. The combination of high tech design CAD/CAM facilities and special alloy steel mixtures guarantees that you get the best Quality product available.

Our Engineers and Designers believe that Hydraulic Breakers have to be powerful and the construction has to be simple. That is the reason why HYDRARAM hammers have few (moving) parts and the construction is designed for easy and simple maintenance and repair.

So less = more.
- Less (moving) parts means more reliability
- Less maintenance and breakdown time means more productivity

HYDRARAM breakers are designed to be used for all applications and to perform under all circumstances, such as;

- Breaking oversized boulders in quarries
- Tunnelling
- Trenching
- Concrete Demolition
- Slag Removal from ovens
- Breaking frozen ground
- Breaking asphalt

HYDRARAM's philosophy is to offer a complete breaker with full options at low cost. That is why our breakers are delivered standard with:

- Sound and Vibration proofed housing
- Air Connection for under water demolition
- Connection for central lubrication

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